Charity Performance to Aid West Regions

A charity performance, titled “Century’s Love,” was held in Beijing in the Great Hall of the People Friday as part of the central government’s policy of developing the western region, to aid poverty-stricken people in the region.

Chief initiator, Gu Xiulian, who is vice-chairperson of All-China Women’s Federation, said that the donations will help build water cellars in houses in western regions, which will help relieve people from the shortage of drinking water and to improve living conditions.

So far, the organization committee of the charity performance has collected 70 million yuan (US$8.4 million) in donation.

Artists from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan presented a top class performance on behalf of all kind-hearted Chinese people.

The general project, called “Care for West, Share Mother Love,” was jointly sponsored by the All-China Women’s Federation, Beijing Municipal Government and China Central Television.

(Xinhua 12/23/2000)

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