Comprehensive Education Called for

Experts are calling for a combination of sciences and the arts in education, to train students comprehensively, according to an article carried by China Youth Daily.

The experts pointed out that some young researchers in China could achieve success in the sciences, but their writing skills are so bad that no one can understand their reports.

Meanwhile, some students majoring in the arts know little about Laozi, who is a very well known ancient Chinese philosopher.

How did this happen? The early division of sciences and the arts in China's education system is the root cause, says the article.

Some experts say the students are using decades old philosophy textbooks, which is unbearable.

Education experts have realized all these problems, and are gathering in Beijing to discuss it.

They say education is to raise the overall knowledge and abilities of the students, but not to train them to get good marks but with little creativity.

( 12/25/2000)

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