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Develop Social Security System

Premier Zhu Rongji called for redoubled efforts to step up improving the country's social security system, in order to ensure social stability and maintain sustained, rapid and healthy economic development on December 27.

Governments at all levels must implement the central authorities' policies on social security to the letter, Zhu said at a national social security conference, held on December 26-27.

It was pointed out at the meeting that over the past few years, China has basically established pension, medical and unemployment insurance systems, as well as a minimum living standard, for urbanites, forming a basic social security system framework.

About 95 percent of the workers laid off from state-owned enterprises have got their basic living expenses and about 98 percent of retirees received their pension in time and in full amount, according to sources with the meeting.

It has become an urgent task to perfect the nation's social security system, which is crucial to promoting the reform and opening-up drive, they said.

It was emphasized at the meeting that efforts must be made to raise social security funds through multiple channels, improve the management of the funds, and strictly control the use of the funds.

(People's Daily 12/28/2000)

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