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First Net Security Law Endorsed

China’s top legislative body Thursday endorsed a resolution on maintaining security of computer networks, checking on unlawful online activities and helping boost the fledging IT sector in China.

The resolution, ratified at the final meeting of the 19th session of the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, makes it a criminal offence to commit any of following actions:

-- To enter networks concerned with national security;

-- To create and spread computer viruses and to interrupt computer networks or communication services;

-- To spread rumors and slanders or publicize harmful information on Internet;

-- To steal or disclose state secrets, intelligence or military secrets through Internet;

-- To stir up ethnic hatred and discrimination, and sabotage national unity through Internet;

-- Using Internet to organize a cult organization and keep in tough with members of the cult organization, undermining the enforcement of state laws and regulations;

-- Using Internet to sell fake and substandard products or advertise goods and services in a deceitful way;

-- Using Internet to damage other people’s business reputation and commodity reputation;

-- Using Internet to infringe upon other people’s intellectual property;

-- Using Internet to fabricate false information affecting securities and futures trading or disturbing financial order;

-- To set up pornographic websites or web pages, provide access to pornographic websites, or spread pornographic books, movies, video products and photos on Internet;

-- To defame other people on Internet;

-- To illegally intercept, alter or delete other people’s e-mail or other data, infringing upon citizens’ freedom and confidentiality of communications; and

-- Using Internet to commit theft, fraud and atrocities.

"The resolution will play a positive role in protecting the rights of citizens and corporations on the network," said Li Peng, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, who presided over Thursday's meeting.

China now has 16.9 million Internet surfers, according to the China National Network Information Center.

(CIIC 12/29/2000)

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