Festivals and Holidays

Festivals and Holidays

Spring Festival

Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is the celebration of the beginning of the lunar year. It usually occurs in late January or early to mid-February. This festival is celebrated by Chinese people every-where in China and overseas. The main thing to do on Spring Festival is get together with loved ones. During this time, there are many "Temple Fairs," which feature lots of yummy snacks and interesting, colorful handicrafts.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. At this time the moon is full, and the day is also known as the Moon Festival. The round shape of the moon represents reunion, and this day should be spent with your family. This was originally a harvest festival, and on this day people eat round "moon cakes." Filled with pork, eggs, lotus seeds, sugar and red bean paste.

National Day

In addition to traditional festivals, National Day, on October 1, is the most important national festival. During the celebrations, Beijing is elaborately decorated. Streets are lined with flowers and colorful flags and buntings, and red lanterns are hung on the gates of shops and official buildings. The official reception and celebration are held in the Great Hall of the People while various kinds of performances and operas are shown at all theaters.

New Year's Day.

In addition to celebrating the lunar new year, Chinese people also observe the solar new year. Offices usually get one or two days off at this time, and Chinese People seize the opportunity to go on short trips or go home to see relatives.

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