Green Path for Tianjin-Beijing Airfreight

After years’ efforts, the Green Path for Tianjin-Beijing Airfreight was established, and every year over 10000-ton cargos needed to be transported from Tianjin to the Beijing Airport, and then to other places in China or the world, while the consignors would encounter some problems in booking flights and allocating cargos. To facilitate the consignors, the China Airlines, Tianjin Freight Center connected with the SITA Network, and put all the international and domestic freights through Tianjin into the SITA Window, thus it could offer flight booking, inquiry, and tracing services to the consignors. Also the center opened No. 1187 and No. 1185 truck lines to transport the cargoes to the Beijing Airport in time to ensure the smooth conveyance of the Tianjin airfreights.

(Tianjin Window 11/01/2000)

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