Abroad Travel: the Price Up 50% Higher Than Before

9 Sichuan agencies engaged in abroad travel business signed an agreement on Nov. 1 and promised to execute regulations of State Tourism Bureau and keep the normal price of abroad travel since Nov. And the travel agencies should obey the related regulations too to further standardize abroad travel market.

According to the agreement, the price for travel in Thailand (8 days), and Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao (10 days), will be 30% to 50% higher that of before, plus currency exchanging and passport expenses. The present prices for the above travel are 4,200 yuan, 5,200 yuan per person separately. The 9 travel agencies have executed the new pricing since last day and specially ask travelers to sign a formal travel contract and formulate the procedure. Once these agencies are found in actions contradictory to above regulation, they will be punished by Sichuan Tourism Association if investigated true.

(Sichuan News net 11/02/2000)

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