Temple Proving China's Sovereignty Over Tibet to Be Rebuilt

The State Council has recently decided to rebuild an ancient temple in northwest China's Gansu province that was damaged in an earthquake 73 years ago.

Relics departments of Gansu have started preparations for the project.

The Baita (white pagoda) Temple, located 20 kilometers southeast of Wuwei City, can serve as evidence that Tibet has been a part of China since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), archaeologists said.

In 1247, a historic meeting was held between the Chinese government and a Tibetan religious and political leader, who later declared that Tibet was under Chinese sovereignty.

A white pagoda was built in the temple to preserve the body of the leader who died in 1251.

However, a strong earthquake in 1927 destroyed the pagoda.

Local government has carried out several attempts to repair the temple since 1927.

(People’s Daily 11/02/2000)

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