Next Five-Year Plan Should Address Ten Issues

Thirty-Minute Economy, a CCTV program, recently had interveiw with ordinary residents and economics experts; seeking their opinions on the most eager-to-solve problems during next five years.

According to Li Yining, famous economist, the most important thing is to keep a moderate economic developing speed. It is just like riding a bicycle. Fast keeps it stable, slow makes it staggering while standing still results in collapse. The true stability can be seen in development, and the real balance in motion.

Lin Zhaomu, one of the plan draftsmen said structure readjustment should run through the whole plan. The present industrial, regional, urban and rural structures all limit the economic development.

One of the initiators of Chinese productivity economics, Professor Xiong Yingwu puts the perfection of social security system on the top list. No matter the laid-off or the employed, both should be ensured. The whole society will be stable as long as the basic living can be secured.

Li Shantong, expert on macro-economic research, chooses boosting urbanization. In Li's opinion, modernization cannot be realized if 70 percent population inhabit in countryside.

Basing on the occurrence frequency, 10 issues which should be addressed in the 10th five-year period are listed as follows:

1.Keeping moderate developing speed of economy;

2.Bettering economic structure and developing new style industry;

3.Enhancing environmental construction and protection;

4.Boosting industrialization of agriculture and increasing farmers' income;

5.Establishing social security system;

6.Solving unemployment problem;

7.Propelling urbanization;

8.Deepening system reform and transforming the function of government;

9.Setting up modern enterprise system;

10.Creating more favorable political environment for development of private enterprise and small and medium-sized enterprise.

(People’s Daily 11/03/2000)

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