Government to Boost Aviation, Space Activities: Official

The Chinese government will continue to devote efforts to the development of the aviation industry and space activities through integrated planning and coordination, said a government official at a correspondence reception Monday.

Luan Enjie, director of the State Aerospace Bureau (SAB), stated governmental policy for the development of aviation and space activities in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong province, where the Third China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened Monday.

The policies will provide support to research and studies, promote industrialization and stimulate technological innovation.

The official said that the government will pay more attention to the recruiting of young, high level aerospace scientists and technicians to aviation and space industries. It is very important to popularize the related knowledge and mobilize various circles to support aviation and space development, he said.

The official also reveals that related departments will develop a new turbofan regional aircraft of 50-70 seats according to international airworthiness criterion. It will be a product of autonomous intellectual property rights and will be operational in six years.

(People's Daily)

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