Chinese Scientists Win DuPont Innovation Awards

Ten life science and material science projects developed by Chinese scientists were given the "DuPont Innovation Award" by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing Thursday.

The winning projects were selected from 51 entries nominated by 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and 11 ministries of China.

The projects include "the development of high CV tantalum powder and tantalum wire with small diameter" and "research development and clinical application of recombinant streptokinase," and are strong competitors in the international market.

Since 1999, the DuPont Innovation Award has been presented annually to encourage and recognize innovation by Chinese scientists. The initial program will run from 2000 to 2002.

DuPont, a multinational company that has invested some US$500 million in wholly-owned and joint venture projects in China, has donated three million yuan to the Ministry of Science and Technology to set up the award.

Vice Minister of Science and Technology Cheng Jinpei and Stacey J. Mobley, senior vice president and chief administrative officer of DuPont, presented the awards to the scientists involved in the winning projects at the office building of the ministry Thursday.

Minister of Science and Technology Zhu Lilan said at the awarding ceremony that DuPont has contributed to the fostering of innovation and improving the overall level of scientific research in China.

(Xinhua 11/09/2000)

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