Wise Business Modes Needed for Dot.coms

One of China's leading IT company's said that technological edges and wise business modes are the key to success for web-related enterprises.

China.com, which is listed in the NASDAQ, announced Friday that its total revenue in the first three quarters reached US$86.8 million, with an annual increase of 828 percent.

With cash funds of US$485 million, China.com receives 32 million visits from web surfers every day.

Substantial investment now is not enough to attract investors or individual shareholders, said Li Yongchang, chief executive officer of the company, adding that technological edges and wise business modes are the key to success.

China.com mainly provides e-commerce solutions for worldwide enterprises and IT businesses, whose revenue accounts for 59 percent of the company's total.

The company also earns money from an advertisement service through the web, which generates 33 percent of its income.

Four subsidiary websites of China.com make the remainder of its yearly income, or 8 percent.

Xu Yiqun, chief technology officer, said that the company is promoting its new e-commerce platforms targeting the mass market as well as medium and small-sized businesses.

(Xinhua 11/12/2000)

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