Chinese President Addresses Luncheon for APEC CEO Summit

President Jiang Zemin Wednesday said in Bandar Seri Begawan that "What we need is an all-win economic globalization featuring equality, reciprocity and co-existence among all countries."

Jiang made these remarks when addressing the luncheon for the 2000 APEC CEO Summit.

As an important regional organization, "APEC should and can play an important role in carrying forward the process of economic globalization in a direction of seeking benefit while avoiding damage and working for common development of countries in the North and the South," Jiang said.

Jiang in the speech also briefed the business executives on China's economic development.

"The new century will see a more open China," he said. With its entry into the World Trade Organization, China will enter a new stage of opening-up, he added.

"We will be committed to the development of an open economy, strengthen China's economic, trade and technical cooperation with all countries and regions, and make contribution to the development of the world economy," he said.

Some 300 Asian business executives were present at the luncheon.

(People’s Daily 11/15/2000)

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