HK to Launch Courtesy Campaign to Promote Tourism

A spokesman for the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced Sunday the launching of an annual courtesy campaign at immigration control points.

"The campaign will be conducted from November 27, 2000, to December 3, 2000. It is aimed at promoting staff awareness to deliver a courteous and efficient service to the public. It will also help promote Hong Kong tourism," the spokesman said.

"The campaign will be conducted by voting. Travelers will cast their votes on the counter officers performing commendable immigration clearance service for them by filling in their own names and travel documents or Hong Kong identity card numbers on the ballot forms with the officer's name, and then insert them into the ballot boxes placed behind the immigration counters at immigration control points," the spokesman added.

Appropriate publicity will be made at all immigration control points during the period appealing to travelers.

The immigration control officer who gets the most votes will be crowned the Hong Kong Courtesy Ambassador by the Hong Kong Tourist Association.

(People’s Daily 11/19/2000)

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