300,000 Prison Guards Took First National Exam

China's 300,000 prison guards took the first national proficiency and general knowledge test this Saturday and Sunday.

Examinees, ranging from young newcomers to 59-year-olds who are going to retire next year, were asked questions involving " knowledge economy," "state right of recourse" and skills of interrogation.

Gao Changli, minister of justice, said during his inspection of the examination rooms at the Beijing Prison that the tests aimed at promoting the quality of prison police and facilitate the need for reforming and educating inmates.

According to officials with the Prison Management Bureau of the Justice Ministry, those who fail this test must receive trainings until they pass a makeup test. Those who failed two makeup tests shall be dismissed.

A separate test on professional skills will be held for prison guards across the country next year, according to the officials.

The examinations are part of a 3-year educational program planned by the Justice Ministry for prison guards. Since 1999, all the prison guards have been in training session by rotation.

Prison police will attend such training courses and tests every five years, the official said.

(People's Daily 11/20/2000)

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