70% Officials in Tibet Are Tibetans

An official system dominated by native Tibetans has been formed in Tibet after 40 years of effort by both the Tibet regional government and the central government.

According to the latest statistics, in Tibet there are now more than 50,000 officials who are Tibetan or other ethnic minorities and the proportion of all officials who are Tibetan has exceeded 70 percent.

The central government of China started to help training Tibetan officials during the 1950s and so far a total of over 1 billion yuan (US$125 million) has been spent on this purpose.

Every year, thousands of young Tibetans travel to other parts of China to receive better middle school and college education.

With the help of the central government and other provinces in China, Tibet has set up four universities and over 4,000 middle and primary schools across the autonomous region, enrolling a total of 300,000 students.

(People’s Daily 11/19/2000)

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