70% Women Favor Legal Solutions to Inner-Marriage Rape

A survey carried out in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou shows that 70 percent of women advocate the resorting to legal means to solve the sensitive issue of inner-marriage rape.

About 38 percent of the 939 women surveyed, aged 18 to 35 years of age, approved of legal solutions decisively, 14 percent showed objections, while the rest didn’t give their opinions.

About 64 percent of the women said they already knew of the possibility of a new crime called “inner-marriage rape” being added to China’s Marriage Law currently being amended.

The survey also found that women who are younger, with a higher education background or with higher income, are more likely to agree that inner-marriage rape cases are increasing, while married women are more conservative about it.

(People’s Daily 11/20/2000)

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