Beijing’s Olympic Bid Going on Smoothly

There is much hope for Beijing to win the 2008 Olympic bid, but the situation is not so optimistic and we are not sure to succeed, said Yuan Weimin, director with the State Sport General Administration, on November 26.

Yuan made the remark when arriving in Hong Kong, at the head of a delegation formed of Chinese Olympic medallists. He said the bidding work is going on smoothly according to plan, but the final result depends on the votes of IOC members.

The central task recently is to prepare the bidding report to be presented to IOC on January 17, 2001, he added, saying it is a very important report for it will be examined and appraised by IOC experts. In addition to that, an inspection group will be sent to Beijing next February. So we must be fully prepared.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee will also send a delegation to Lausanne to formally brief the IOC on Beijing’s preparatory work.

(People’s Daily 11/27/2000)

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