Chengdu: Ancient Tomb Calls for Urgent Protection

The tomb of Meng Zhixiang, King of Houshu Regime, was found at Mopanshan in North Chengdu in the spring of 1971.

It was considered as a cave dwelling by local farmers at first. Later the researchers identified it a king's tomb after scientific exploration. The chief explorer was Mr. Shen Zhongchang, a passed away former archeologist of Sichuan Museum. He left the most detailed and precious materials for the descents. The materials were handled to Mr. Huang Jiaxiang before Mr. Shen's death.

So far, these treasure materials have been forgotten for nearly 30 years due to historical reasons. So Mr. Huang appealed for attention and support from related departments.

Occupying 3,300 sq m, the Meng Tomb is composed with stones. The gate is a wooden arch with 4 colored pillars. The tomb was listed as key protected relic unit of the State Level in 1980.

(Sichuan News net. 11/28/2000)

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