Joint Efforts Urged to Combat Climate Change

China has called for joint efforts by the whole of humanity to combat climate change, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue Tuesday.

Zhang made the remark in response to a question raised by a journalist at a regular press briefing.

The United Nations framework convention and the Kyoto protocol are two great achievements of the international community in their struggle against climate change, Zhang said.

The sixth conference of the United Nations framework convention on climate change, which was held in Hague of the Netherlands this month, received great attention from all participating countries, the spokeswoman said.

All relevant countries have been looking forward to the implementation of the principles of the convention and the protocol, especially the three mechanisms -- the clean development, joint implementation and emission trading.

The Hague conference ended without any substantial results because "certain developed nations were not willing to perform their duties", which "China deeply regrets", said Zhang.

China believes that humans will reach their prospective goals on this critical issue only through unremitting effort and by adhering to the set principles and goals spelt out in the convention and the protocol, Zhang stated.

(Xinhua 11/29/2000)

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