China to Introduce Foreign Talents for WTO Entry

China will continue to absorb talented personnel from other countries to meet the urgent need for professionals after its entry into the World Trade Organization, Director Wan Xueyuan of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs said in Beijing Wednesday.

After 14 years of arduous efforts, China's WTO accession has entered into the final stage, and there is an urgent need for talented professionals on international trade rules and laws.

China will invite more foreign experts to help train competent professionals on management, sales promotion and advanced technology in the next two years, Wan said at a national meeting on the introduction of foreign experts. Meanwhile, senior Chinese managerial personnel will be sent abroad to receive direct medium- or long-term training.

China is also planning to invite senior foreign experts on economy, trade and technology to hold specific training courses or symposiums on trade rules, quality standards, trade and technological barriers, and environmental barriers, issues that government officials concerned should be familiarized in preparation for the country's WTO entry, according to Wan.

The director said preferential policies would be provided to foreign experts working in key sectors and a series of measures will be mapped out to attract more foreign experts, including increasing salary and improving their living and working conditions in China.

(Xinhua 11/30/2000)

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