Ancient City Wall Unearthed in Hebei

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed a section of an ancient city wall in Linzhang County of Hebei Province, north China.

The 200-meter city wall, located in Yecheng Town, was built during the Han Dynasty ( BC 206 – AD 220), as presumed by experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Hebei Institute of Ancient Culture.

The unearthed wall is on the southern edge of the original city.

It is 11 meters wide, two meters high and lies nearly one meter under the ground.

According to historical records, Linzhang County was a political, economic, cultural and military center in north China during the Period of Three Kingdoms (220-280). The city is believed to be about nine square kilometers at that time.

Experts said the ancient building style of the county was once imitated by architects to build the city of Beijing in China, buildings in Tokyo and Nara of Japan.

(People’s Daily 11/29/2000)

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