Premier Zhu's Urge on Beijing's Environment

Premier Zhu Rongji said Saturday that Beijing should continue to improve its environment and housing conditions.

During his inspection tour of the city, the premier said efforts should be made to build more green land in new residential areas so as to provide residents with more clean air and recreational areas.

Having visited several new residential areas, he told local officials to green the capital with big trees instead of plants.

The masses should be mobilized to join in the greening campaign, said Zhu.

The premier said Beijing should do more to save water as the capital suffers from water shortages. Efforts should also be made to improve the environment and municipal construction.

He said Beijing should do a better job in urban planning and construction, giving priority to the central district while beautifying and greening both urban and suburban areas.

He urged the local officials to do a good job in building cloverleaf junctions.

The premier said the central government should continue to support Beijing's efforts to clean up the environment and municipal construction projects.

(People's Daily 10/01/2000)

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