Environmental Protection Stressed in Revising Fishery Law

The draft amendment to China's 14-year-old Fishery Law, which was deliberated by top Chinese legislators Tuesday, emphasizes the protection of the ecological environment in China's waters and bans the pollution of fishery resources.

The draft amendment to the Fishery Law, which was proposed by the State Council to the 18th Session of the Ninth NPC Standing Committee for the third reading, seeks to have China's fishery resources managed to international standards.

Compared with the second draft of the law, the new draft states the management of fisheries should emphasize the protection of the marine environment and scientifically define breeding densities.

On the use of bait, feed and pesticides in breeding, the draft states "no poisonous or harmful bait or feed should be used in breeding or production.''

Based on the second draft which introduces a quota system to ensure that the nation has an adequate supply of fish, legislator Zhang Haoruo said in Tuesday's panel discussion that the scientific assessment of fishery resources is required.

"We should add specific measures to ensure the implementation of the fishing quota in state jurisdictional waters,'' said Zhang, noting that supervision by the masses will increase the effectiveness of the system.

To maintain the order of fishing harbors, the draft amendment stipulates that the government above county level should strengthen its management of fishing harbors.

"Besides just management, the government should participate in the establishment of fishing harbors,'' said legislator Liang Guangda who comes from Guangdong Province.

(China Daily 10/24/2000)

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