Jiuzhaigou Invests in A Large-scale Polluted-water Treatment System

The first large-scale polluted-water treatment system is to be completed when the 21 Century Conference on International Urban Construction and Environment was held in Chengdu recently.

As the sole scenic spot owning both "the global heritage" and "the global wild life reserved zone" in China, Jiuzahigou has accepted thousands of tourists. Survey shows that over 600,000 have visited here up to mid-October.

Although local government has taken many effective measures to protect the environment, there is still serious pollution caused by local hotels and restaurants. So far, there are more than 200 hotels and restaurants releasing pollutants every day. It was predicted that the whole beauty spot will be destroyed within 10 years if the situation remains.

Invested with 3 mln by Jiuzhaigou International Hotel, the newly constructed water treatment system is able to treat 1000 tons of polluted water each day. The treated water will meet the second grade national standard for domestic water consumption. This measure may cause other hotels and restaurants' attentions in the spot for environmental protection, remarked by person in charge of the hotel.

(Sichuan News net 10/24/2000)

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