35,000 Gansu Girls Return to Schools

A program called "Spring Bud" has enabled 35,000 girls from poverty-stricken families who have dropped out of school in northwest China's Gansu Province to return to schools.

Since the program was carried out in 1993, the provincial women's federation in the economically underdeveloped province has raised 5.79 million yuan (about US$700,000) and set up seven "Hope Schools" for the dropouts.

Lack of education has been a problem in the province, especially for girls. Before 1990, more than 80 percent of the dropouts were girls and 70 percent of the illiterates are women.

Thanks to the program, 121 "spring bud girl classes" were set up in 49 counties or cities.

The women's federation in the province has won support from the All-China Women's Federation, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Children's Foundation of China in carrying out the "Spring Bud" program.

(People's Daily 10/26/20000)

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