UNICEF Helps Migrant Workers Learn Children's Rights

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Beijing Women's Federation invited over 300 migrant workers to receive training on children's rights and family education today.

It is the first time for these workers migrated from outside Beijing to learn the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international convention signed and adopted by China in 1992.

According to statistics, non-Beijing citizens who spend at least one night in Beijing account for 2.15 million. And nearly 1. 7 million of them do various businesses in Beijing.

Over 150,000 among these people are children. Most of their parents are from remote and poverty-stricken areas with little education. These parents are not familiar with laws related to children and usually they do not know how to educate, protect their children.

The training course was especially designed to help them learn how to prevent their children from being hurt in incidents, how to keep children healthy, and know-how about family education and quality of a family.

The parent students were also given some written materials for further study.

(Xinhua 10/29/2000)

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