Ethnic People in Xinjiang Have Easy Access to Broadcasting and TV

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has opened TV channels broadcast in ethnic languages for all ethnic groups with each having a population of 100,000.

Broadcasting stations at 16 cities and the majority of counties in Xinjiang offer programs in at least two languages -- Han and Uygur.

Xinjiang accounts for one-sixth of China's territory and 62 percent of its population are of ethnic nationality.

To make ethnic people enjoy programs of their own language, the region broadcasts news in Han, Uygur, Kazak, Mongoliann and Kirgiz languages.

The regional department of film and broadcasting invested 1.3 million yuan last year to translate news and major programs released by the China Central Television Station and Central People's Broadcasting Station into different ethnic languages.

At present, almost every prefecture and major city in Xinjiang has set up their own translation departments which produce 15,000 episodes of TV programs annually.

(People’s Daily 10/29/2000)

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