Human Rights Convention Consistent With China's Laws

Chinese lawmakers said in Beijing Saturday morning when reviewing an international human rights convention that the major articles in the convention are consistent with China's relevant laws, regulations and practices.

Members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's legislature, held a panel discussion Saturday morning about the International Convention of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, submitted by the State Council.

Participants agreed that with the sustained, rapid and healthy economic development, the Chinese people, as a whole, live a comfortable life, and consequently, the conditions for ratifying the convention have been mature.

However, lawmakers argued, some problems still exist in putting the convention in practice for it covers almost every aspect of society. Lawmakers agreed that early ratification of the convention would be done at a suitable time.

Xu Jialu, vice-chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, said that ratification of the convention is beneficial for deepening reform and improving people's living standards.

"As China had little knowledge of the constituting process of the convention, it still needs some time to further study whether every article of the convention is in harmony with China's real situation and relevant laws and regulations," Xu said.

Yu Enguang, a member of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the Chinese government has always taken a positive and serious attitude towards the convention.

"However, it still needs time to do the preparatory work because China has a vast territory and large population and development is discrepant between different areas," Yu said.

(Xinhua 10/29/2000)

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