Chronicle of Beijing's Bid to 2008 Olympic Games

On November 25, 1998, Beijing presented its application for the 2008 Olympic Games to Chinese Olympic Committee.

On April 7, 1999, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) accepted the application from Beijing.

On September 6, 1999, Beijing founded the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee.

On February 1, 2000, the Beijing bid committee publicized its badge, slogan and official website.

Twenty-three days later, the IOC held a joint conference for all the applicants and released the new bidding process. Meanwhile, the IOC also gave out a questionnaire of 22 questions to each of the applicants.

Between February 25 and June 20, all the applicants handed in their answers to the IOC.

On August 28, the executive committee of the IOC announced the candidates, from a list of 10 bidding cities, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Beijing is one of the five candidates on the list with Paris, Toronto, Osaka, and Istanbul.

During the period between September 2000 and January 6, 2001, each candidate is required to prepare a bid report and refer it to the IOC on January 17, 2000.

Then, from mid-February to mid-April of 2001, the IOC will tour and evaluate each city.

On July 15, 2001, during its 112th session in Moscow, the IOC will vote for the host of the 2008 Games.


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