China to Appropriately Develop Outbound Travel

In the coming five to 10 years, China will continue to pursue the general policy of vigorously developing entry travel, actively expanding home travel and appropriately promoting outbound travel.

An official with the National Tourism Administration explains that appropriate promotion means an organized, planned and controlled development. Organized development means that outbound travel will, in a certain period of time, mainly take the form of touring party organized by travel agencies in order to protect the rights and interests of tourists and avoid the emergence of some problems; planned development means travel conducted by taking corresponding measures of planning in accordance with the general requirement for the development of tourism and the trend of the national foreign exchange controls; controlled development means adopting franchise operation.

China's tourism has gone through the process of developing inward travel in the 1980s and outbound travel in the 1990s, thereby forming the three major markets of inward, home and outbound travel.

Chinese citizens' outbound travel is a new consumption area and an economic and cultural phenomenon, this is an inevitable result of the enhancement of Chinese comprehensive national strength, the rise of people's living standards as well as the increased degree of opening to the outside world.

Therefore, the outbound travel market will further expand with the development of the above-said factors. However, for its special character, it can't be equated with the other two markets.

(People's Daily)

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