Japan Urged to Respect History

China Tuesday urged Japan to correctly understand history, and not to repeat the past. The remark came from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi who was asked to comment a report that some Japanese publishing houses recently submitted the proposed version of the 2002 history textbook, which whitewashes the history of Japan's invasion of Asian countries, including China.

Sun said that the international community has come to the proper conclusion about the history of World War II, adding that the Nanjing Massacre, the conscription of comfort women and the establishment of the No. 731 troop were heinous crimes committed by the Japanese military.

"These historic facts cannot be weakened or forgotten by revamping textbooks," he said.

At the heart of the textbook issue is whether Japan can sincerely and correctly understand and deal with its history of aggression, so as to genuinely draw on lessons from it and not to return to the past, he said.

The Chinese side has repeatedly made clear its stance, and the Japanese side said that it would properly deal with the matter, the spokesman said, adding that "We hope Japan will honor its commitments by taking concrete actions."

(People's Daily)

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