Teachers' Education Level Improved

The education level of primary and high school teachers in China has improved rapidly over the past decade.

An official from the Ministry of Education said that this is the result of the country's redoubled efforts to reform teaching materials and promote continuous education to improve teachers' professional skills.

By the end of last year, 95.9 percent of primary teachers in China held moderate normal school degrees and 65.9 percent of senior high school teachers have got bachelor's degrees or higher, compared with 47 percent and 45.9 percent in 1997.

However, the degree level of primary and high school teachers is still far behind their counterparts in some developed countries, where a teacher's education level is a bachelor's degree or higher.

According to the ministry, qualifications for primary and junior high school teachers still need to improve.

In addition, the number of senior high school teachers or principals with master's degree should be increased.


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