Tourists to Hit a New High on National Day

Zhang Xiqin, vice-director of National Tourism Administration of China said on August 12, the domestic travel market is expected to hit another high during the festival of the National Day, presumably exceeding that of the Labor Day in number of tourists.

To make the tours on holidays develop in an orderly way, August 12 saw the Chinese Association of Travel Service (CATS) offer consultations on travel in front of Beijing Books Mansion. Almost twenty Chinese well-known travel agencies carried out sales promotion of their itineraries with plans provided to help working out an early travel arrangement and some twenty experts in travel industry answered questions from the tentative travelers and explained the regulations and rules on tourism.

As reported, since the additional legal holidays were announced by the State Council last year, plus the readjusted two-day weekend holiday, there has formed three "Golden Weeks" for domestic travel, namely, the Spring Festival, the Labor Day and the National Day.

Owing to the inadequate preparation and supply for tours, there remain some problems in holiday travel. Zhang added, CNTA is taking measures for the "October 1st Golden Week". This includes initiating a meeting mechanism for regulating Travels on the National Holidays, setting up a system of travel information, investigation and forecast; urging the travel sectors countrywide to make early preparations for improving facilities and strengthening supervision on travel market so as to do well in hosting travelers in some scenic spots and areas of some cities and places.

(People's Daily)

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