Former Vice-Minister Arrested for Smuggling

Li Jizhou, former vice-minister of public security, was officially confirmed on Thursday put in custody for his role in the notorious Xiamen Yuanhua smuggling scandal.

A top official with China's Supreme People's Prosecutorate, who declined to be named, said in Beijing that Li, suspected of aiding the coastal smuggling efforts, was detained ``quite a time ago.'' Investigation of his entanglements is under way.

The source revealed that the former public security minister was also involved in other prominent smuggling cases, including the southern coastal Shenzhen and Zhanjiang customs smugglings.

China's ministry of public security has the administration over the local customs and border inspection forces.

Initial inquisitions have found out Li embezzled a huge sum of money in those scandals, and he is sure to face heavy punishment.

(China Daily)

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