Three Gorges Reservoir Area, a Geological Museum

A protracted field survey shows that the Three Gorges reservoir area in Chongqing is full of rare natural geological treasures.

The reservoir area records all major events in the world geological history and amassed rich geological landscape, said Cui Zhengquan, chief engineer of the Yangtze River Water Resources Committee.

A 2.3-billion-year-old metamorphic rock system discovered at the Three Gorges reservoir area is believed to be the earliest rock system on earth. The folded rock stratum, which can be seen everywhere in the reservoir area, records all tectonic movements of the globe since its formation, Cui said.

Archeologists have also found in Fengjie County the largest hopper structure and the longest suture line in the world. Chinese experts of various sectors are calling for the establishment of a geological museum at the Three Gorges.

With the water level rising at the reservoir area, the number of archeological teams engaged in rescue excavation at the reservoir area has increased to 55. They are working at 61 ruins with a total area of 80,000 square meters.

Over the past three years, archeologists have unearthed more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics from the area.


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