Traditional Chinese Medicine Favored in Australia

For Kerri, a 23-year-old Australian college student, traditional Chinese medicine is more charming than the glorious opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sydney.

She left Sydney last Friday along with other 16 classmates at Victoria University for Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in northeast China.

They began their two-month internship at a hospital unveiled on Sept.19 and jointly set up by the two universities. According to the memorandum signed by the two universities, an exchange program starts between Chinese teachers and Australian studentsthis year.

Speaking in simple Chinese, Kerrie said she would continue her four-year study of Chinese acupuncture and massage. "I'm fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine," she said. "I hope I can carry it forward in Australia by practicing in my clinic after my graduation."

Her schoolmate, Cristine, said an increasing number of Australians are turning to traditional Chinese medicine and massage when they are ill.

Another fellow, Udi, has practiced Chinese massage for five years and has cured his nephew with traditional Chinese medicine. “I always dream of being a competent pediatrician treating the poor kids with Chinese acupuncture one day,” he said.

Latest statistics show that since it was adopted by universities in Australia in 1993, traditional Chinese medicine has attracted thousands of Australian students. Among the 600 graduates from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department in Victoria University, 99 percent are Australians.

(People’s Daily)

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