China Woos More Foreign Talents

Over 50 representatives from foreign talent exchange centers and agencies from around the world convened Monday in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to discuss the intellectual imports to aid China 's western region.

Officials from 50 inland cities, provinces and regions attended the meeting eager to invite foreign professionals.

Wan Xuequan, director of the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, said the invitation of foreign experts to support China's economic and cultural development have become an important part of the country's opening-up.

More than 600,000 foreign experts have worked in China over the past 20 years of opening-up reform.

He said China welcomes foreign talent exchange centers to set up permanent offices and branches in Beijing, and the bureau is preparing to build a national foreign talent exchange market.

Abdul'ahat Abdurixit, chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said at today's meeting that it is a signal of China's attachment to the intellectual resources in the western region that Xinjiang has been chosen to chair the international talent exchange meeting.

He said foreign professionals are especially needed to help upgrade Xinjiang's labor-intensive agriculture, animal-husbandry and oil exploration and refining industries.

Ben G Kruip from the Netherlands, noted that the cooperation between foreign experts and local professionals is not only good for joint venture projects but also promotes friendship, which is an important step for advanced level exchanges.

(People’s Daily)

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