New Rules on Telecom and Internet Content

The State Council reviewed and approved Wednesday "Regulations on Telecommunications of the People's Republic of China(Draft) ", "Management Methods in Regard to Internet Content Provision (ICP)(Draft) " and "Management Rules Regarding Construction Engineering, Prospecting and Design (Draft)" at its 31st standing committee, which was presided over by Premier Zhu Rongji.

The meeting noted that China's telecom industry has witnessed a swift growth since the opening-up and contributed much to the socioal and economic construction of the nation. However, there still remain some problems hampering the industry's further development. Therefore, it's absolutely necessary to develop an orderly telecom market so as to ensure network and information security, protect consumers' rights and interests and guarantee an overall healthy growth of markets.

With regard to ICP, the meeting concluded that the purpose of the rules is to strengthen the supervision and management of Internet content and prevent unhealthy information from harming society, especially information that endangers national security, social stability and social order.

"Management Rules on Construction Engineering, Prospecting and Design (Draft)" were also approved at the meeting.

The State Council will soon formally announce their implementation after further amendments made.

(People's Daily 09/22/2000)

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