Chinese Women Set Examples for the World

The old Chinese saying of “women may support half of the sky” has been repeatedly quoted Thursday by the wives of mayors who attended the Sixth Major Cities’ Summit in Beijing.

Women from over 20 cities of different countries, and 50 Beijing women's delegates attended the conversation, which is a part of the two-day summit conference that opened Thursday morning.

Li Qiaoyun, president of the Beijing Women’s Federation, briefed about how China in recent years has managed to protect women’s political rights, employment, education, health care and future goals.

Most of the women expressed their admiration for the contribution of Chinese women to the building of the country, and they also said that women in the world still can not enjoy the same rights as men. There are many difficulties that hinder career prospects of women, which requires more practical work.

In a final note, all women called for more cooperation and exchange among women all over the world to “support the other half of the sky”.

(Xinhua 09/28/2000)

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