Vice-Premier on Water Shortages

To resolve the water shortage in cities is an imperative task that affects economic and social development, daily life, as well as the country's modernization drive and long-term development, said Vice-Premier Wen Jiabao.

The vice-premier made the remark at a national conference on water supply, water conservation and water pollution, which was convened by the State Council in the nation's capital from September 25-26.

Wen urged local governments at different levels to recognize the importance of the issue and to ensure that cities achieve sustainable development through the sustainable utilization of water resources.

China is short of water resources, with its per-capita water resources accounting for one fourth of the world's average, according to Wen. Water shortage has hampered the development of many Chinese cities, he said.

He urged people to give top priority to saving water by readjusting the industrial structure, by promoting water-conservation technology, by strengthening water usage controls and pushing forward the reform of water pricing.

He also called for resolute measures to control water pollution, while making greater efforts to increase channels of water supply for cities in a rational and scientific manner.

The media should play an important role in creating greater awareness among the public about water shortages, he said.

(Xinhua 09/26/2000)

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