Parents Urged to Do More in Sex Education

The results from a recent survey conducted in Shanghai show that parents need to play a more active role in their youngsters’ sex education.

Over 90 percent of the 700 parents surveyed did not do very well when it came to talking to their children about sex and 89.1 percent took a “let-it-be” attitude concerning the issue.

Only 9.5 percent of the sampled 800 middle school students admit that their knowledge about sex came from their parents, according to Thursday’s Shanghai-based Wenhui Daily.

The survey, carried out by Shanghai educators, covered Yangpu, Hongkou, Xuhui and Jinshan Districts of the city.

Most parents don’t know whether they should answer the questions or how to answer the questions when they were asked about sex by their children.

The survey indicates that the child’s test scores are the main priority of most parents, while only 35.5 percent of the respondents concentrate on their children’s physical and psychological health.

Sex is traditionally a taboo subject in Chinese culture. People usually blush when someone raises the subject. Open discussion about sex with children is usually unthinkable to most Chinese parents.

Dai Yaohong, researcher from Shanghai’s Yangpu District, said that some parents worry that a free discussion about sex may lead the children to become involved in improper or precocious sexual behavior.

Meanwhile, the parents’ lack of relevant knowledge about sex is also a major obstacle in communicating on the issue between the two generations, according to Dai.

China is now improving its official curriculum for sex education. However, with the penetration of mass media, which now carries considerable amount of information on sex, it is critical for family members to provide necessary guidance to help youngsters go through the period of puberty smoothly, said the newspaper.

(People’s Daily 09/29/2000)

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