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"Foreign Weapons" Cannot Build a "Taiwan Independence Force": Army Daily

Wednesday's People's Liberation Army Daily carries a bylined article refuting the Taiwan authorities' sophistry over its arms deal request to the United States.

The author points out that recently the Taiwan authorities have stepped up their request to buy U.S. arms, including warships equipped with the advanced Aegis radar system, submarine-killer aircraft, Joint Direct Attack Munitions, and High-speed Anti-Radar Missiles.

They gave the excuse that the purchase of defense arms is the only way to "ensure democracy and regional security" for Taiwan, which is an out-and-out deception, says the author.

People with common military sense must know that warships equipped with the advanced Aegis radar system are weapon platforms used to launch the cruise missile against an opponent's core targets, and the above-mentioned arms all aim at gaining the initiative by striking the first blow, notes the author.

With the arrival of new arms in Taiwan, the forces advocating " Taiwan Independence" will increase their agitation, threatening the peace across the Taiwan Straits.

No one should forget that when the Chinese government laid down the "peaceful reunification, one country, two systems" principle two decades ago, it already had the military advantage. "We asked to reach the goal of peaceful reunification of China through negotiations, and provided favorable conditions: anyone acknowledging the one-China principle can negotiate with us, for the benefit of the cross-straits compatriots and regional peace and stability," the author points out.

No one can ignore the long-term efforts made by the Chinese mainland to promote exchanges and communications between the cross- straits compatriots.

But the Taiwan authorities time and again refused the peace proposals made by the motherland, purchased large numbers of advanced weapons from Western countries, and became the world's largest arms purchaser.

The author points out that the obvious intention of Taiwan is to get the military advantage and use force to reject reunification, as well as to divide the country.

The author also points out that it is obvious that the Taiwan authorities' arms purchase is aimed at creating turbulence. The Taiwan authorities have invited foreign political forces to interfere in cross-straits relations, and become a new trouble maker.

The Taiwan authorities are now playing a very dangerous game. Arms purchase can only make the Taiwan Straits situation more turbulent, bring more serious dangers to regional peace and stability, and lead to suicidal results.

"The reunification and revitalization of China is a historical trend no one can reverse," stresses that author, adding that the future China must be an independent, democratic, unified and prosperous country.

"If anyone thinks that with mere weapons he can decide the fate of a nation, we will tell him that no one can stand in the way of the 1.2 billion Chinese people, and the People's Liberation Army, with the sacred mission of safeguarding China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, will not permit one inch of land to be split from China," warns the author.

(People's daily 04/25/2001)

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