1st Chinese-Made Hollywood Film to Show Worldwide

"Pavilion of Women," the first Hollywood film by a Chinese producer, will make its debut to audience worldwide on April 20, in both English and Chinese versions, according to the Moonstone International Entertainment Co., Ltd. distributor for the film in China.

"Pavilion of Woman" was co-invested by Universal Pictures and Silver Dream Production, and jointly screened with Beijing Film Studio.

Luo Yan, an American Chinese artist, produced, wrote and starred in the film. It's the first time that an overseas Chinese artist has taken up these three roles simultaneously in a Hollywood film and written a China-based script in English.

Luo said that she has recomposed the story on a novel, of the same title, by famous American writer Pearl S. Buck, a laureate of both the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Pulitzer Prize for Literature.

The film, taking its setting in an east China small town in the 1930s, tells a love story between Madame Wu from a rich family and an American priest, Andrew.

Experts here expressed their hope that the film could help Chinese film artists compete in the international arena.

(People's Daily 03/31/2001)

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