China Offers Attractions for Overseas Scholars

Five Chinese ministries jointly issued a guideline to attract more top-flight scientists and experts to serve the motherland.

The five ministries are the Ministry of Personnel, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Finance.

The number of returning scholars who have worked and studied abroad has been increasing by an average 13 percent on yearly basis. About 130,000 scholars have come back to China, but over 250,000 people are still abroad.

The guideline says that overseas scholars are encouraged to return to China and use their academic achievements to contribute to the country's economic and cultural development, or to do so while staying abroad.

They are welcome to take such positions as consultants or visiting scholars at Chinese institutions of higher learning, key research and development centers or labs, as well as all kinds of enterprises.

Any overseas scholar who holds a Ph.D. can take the post-doctoral position at domestic research and development workshops, according to the guideline.

China also encourages scholars to undertake domestically sponsored projects to conduct research at home and abroad, to set up or invest in domestic firms with acquired patents or scientific achievements abroad.

The government will provide favorable policies to the returned scholars, such as providing research funding, reasonable salaries or commissions, and protection of patent rights or scientific achievements.

The children of overseas scholars will be guaranteed a good living and educational environment, according to the guideline.

(People’s Daily 08/20/2001)

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