Color TV Price War Fierce, 30 Yuan for One Kilogram

In a move to pull up the slack market, color TV sellers in Wuhan, Hubei Province had new ways to motivate the sales of their products: to sell TV sets by kilogram.

On August 19, Hanyang Market and the 21st Century Shopping Center in Wuhan city label the color TV sets like this: 30 yuan for one kilogram and you can bring home a fully flat screen color TV of 29 inches, that weighs 52.5 kilograms, just by paying 1575 yuan.

People rushed in for it and nearly 400 sets were sold out with the total turnover surpassing one million yuan, according to local media.

The activity involved well-known manufactures: Changhong, TCL and Konka. Analysis in local media noted that to sell color TV sets by kilos, normally a way for vegetables and rice, has betrayed the fierce competition of color TVs in Wuhan.

(People's Daily 08/22/2001)

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