China Expects to Enter WTO in November

China is expected to achieve its 15-year-old quest to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) when the body meets in November in Qatar, China's top trade negotiator said.

"The question regarding entry has been settled, and China will behave by honoring all the rules within the WTO framework," said Long Yongtu, vice-minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC).

Long also said entry into the WTO will help China resolve its recent trade spat with Tokyo. But he refused to offer any clear timetable for the parleys.

In April, Japan slapped import curbs on shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and rushes for tatami mats from China. China countered two months later with punitive tariffs on Japanese-made cars, mobile phones and air conditioners.

The two nations convened a couple of bilateral talks in the last two months in the hope of seeking common ground.

China's chances of entering the WTO grew stronger after successful bilateral trade talks with the US and the European Union.

China has clinched deals with 37 members that asked for bilateral talks. Only Mexico remains outstanding, but the Latin American nation said earlier this summer that it supported China's bid.

Long said Chinese legal clauses that contradict or deviate from the WTO framework are being scrapped or revised, while governmental officials and the industrial community are being urged to learn global trade practices and rules.

China's entrance into the WTO will open the gate for foreign firms already covetous of the 1.3 billion-consumer potential here.

But concerns persist regarding the proliferation of shoddy and phony products in China.

Long said efforts to root out the mischievous business practices are ongoing.

Long encouraged tens of millions of volunteers in China to join the national crackdown on the counter bands.

"Volunteers can help fight against the fake products," said Long, who is also in charge of volunteers affairs.

(China Daily 08/23/2001)

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