Legend Aims at Developing Key Computer Technologies

Legend, China's largest personal computer manufacturer, will put great emphasis on developing new technologies and products, and finally to become a developer of high-cost key computer technologies.

This was said by Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings Ltd. in an interview with Xinhua Saturday.

"We will reach our strategic goals step by step with a down-to- earth attitude," Liu said.

He disclosed that in the near future, his company will make a new breakthrough in researches on operating system and inlaid technology.

Liu said, Legend is more advantageous on combining mature computer technologies with computer products and value-added services now, and it was through successful marketing operations that Legend gained its status as China's largest personal computer manufacturer.

According to the first-quarter results of 2001/2002 financial year issued on August 15, Legend sold more than 650,000 computers from April to June, an 28 percent increase over the same period last year.

Liu said, Legend will still focus on the domestic market, in which it has the biggest share of nearly one third, in the future 3 to 5 years. During this stage, Legend will develop a full line of applicable computer and internet products added with customer- centered services.

When the operations in domestic market matures and more capital is accumulated, Legend will surely expand to the overseas market and further invest on developing key technologies, Liu said.

Liu believed combination of electrical appliances and computers is a major trend in the industry. "Although the technologies are not mature now, Legend pays close attention to progress in this area and prepares to be an active promoter of it," he said.

Liu also talked about China's imminent entry into the World Trade Organization. He said open up of market will give Chinese companies a bigger space to test their competitiveness.

"Chinese companies have been challenged to be modern and market- oriented since China opened its market gradually, and they should take a serious attitude to transform themselves by deploying reasonable strategies, forming scientific management systems and culturing a fair play business environment," Liu said.

"Legend will try its best to be a credible, customer-centered and international high tech company," Liu said, "with great ambition and down-to-earth attitude, we will serve our investors and customers better."

(People's Daily 08/26/2001)

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