Probe Reveals No Terrorist Funds in Nation's Banks

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said yesterday that China is free of any terrorist funds.

"The People's Bank of China and all other banks in China have conducted thorough investigations, and the results indicate that there are no funds of terrorist organizations or individuals in China," said Zhang Qiyue at a regular briefing.

China signed the International Convention for Suppression of Financing for Terrorism last month in New York, pledging its determination to join the international community in the fight against terrorism.

In a related development, US ambassador for counter-terrorism Francis Taylor visited Beijing on Wednesday and yesterday, in a trip aimed at carrying out the agreement made by Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his US counterpart George W. Bush in October to set up a mid- and long-term mechanism for exchanges and co-operation on anti-terrorism.

"The two sides have exchanged views on regional and international anti-terrorism, the situation in Afghanistan and Sino-US co-operation on terrorism and reached wide consensus," said Zhang.

According to Zhang, both sides agreed that the international community should strengthen co-operation and take comprehensive measures to fight against terrorism. The role of the United Nations and its Security Council has also been stressed.

The spokeswoman also commented on a recent Washington Post report advocating that the United States give up its one-China policy.

Zhang said that no matter what political shifts take place on the island, the basic fact that Taiwan is a part of China will not be changed.

"The US has made a clear-cut commitment to China on the issue," said Zhang. "Any words or deeds that advocate abandoning the one-China policy is a departure from the facts and the historical trend and will not succeed."

The United States committed itself to adhering to the one-China policy, following the three Sino-US joint communiques and not supporting Taiwan independence.

(China Daily December 7, 2001)

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