Fujian to Abolish Rural Population Registration System

Fujian Province will soon carry out a reform in which an outdated agricultural and non-agricultural population system for two-track population management and the index management on transferring agricultural population into non-agricultural population to be replaced by a unified residence management system and admittance qualifications respectively, a step taken to ensure free population flow from country to town and speed up urbanization all over Fujian.

The main contents for the reform are as follows:

1. To abolish the system for agricultural, non-agricultural and other population management left over from days of the planned economy, meanwhile to introduce a unified residential management system.

2. To replace index management on transferring agricultural population into non-agricultural population by admittance qualifications in line with relevant policies and local practices.

3. Parents, children, or husbands / wives may transfer their registered residency to the places where their children, parents, or wives / husbands live and work.

Preferential policies for professionals

Henceforth permanent residency will be registered in line with the dwellers' legal habitations, careers, income sources or other living bases. Professionals and specialized personnel working in high-tech and technical enterprises, scientific research institutions, provincial key projects, and out-of-the-way regions are permitted to register themselves, their mates and underage children as permanent residents if their residence conditions are allowed. In addition, Fuzhou and Xiamen will introduce preferential policies for mainly absorbing undergraduates and talents with a higher academic degree.

( People's Daily December 25, 2001)

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